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Halo? Salut!

The next 24 to 35 days (roughly) are going to be super duper, unbearably, extremely, unspeakably, fucking long. And I don't even know if they will have a positive or negative outcome. Oy vey.

Other than that I need a nice long vacation to some place warm and tropical and beachy and peaceful. Someplace where I can surf, read on the beach, get a tan and fall asleep on my boogey board. Maybe if I don't get into any college that I like I'll move to Maui and start a Froyo shop in Kihei.

P.S. Note the icon. Godspeed Daniel V! Oh man, I can't wait until this Wednesday. If you don't know to what I'm referring then you suck. A lot.
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Three headed monster!

All is full of love?

Last night I had the most terrifying dream about Bjork and Brian Eno (I know, how random!). They had hijacked my life (it made sense in my dream) and were planning to kill me. Brian Eno was also black. I don't think I can listen to either of their music for a while.
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watch out

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As of yesterday, February 24, 2006 I am legal and tattooed. Watch out, kids!

My birthday was awesome. My back hurts like a bitch but I like it. I'll try to get a picture up soon. I really cannot believe that I'm 18!
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Life is good. I am happy, despite the fact that I am tired all the time and currently phoneless (so give me your phone numbers, people!). I just want to enjoy the present and make the most of the time I have left here. The next month is full of awesome shit, and I don't want to miss them just because I'm too preoccupied with making it to Early April(because we all know what happens then!). Here's what's going to get me through the next five weeks:

-Taking dance classes (and making a fool of myself) with Christina.
-Kickboxing with Lisa
-Minimesters next week
-Children's Hour & helping out with Woyzcheck (sp?)
-Belle and Sebastian/New Pornographers concert
-Metric Concert
-Turning 18 (of course) and getting a tattoo (if I don't chicken out).
-Being a real live waitress.
-Being a third trimester senior
-Figuring out an internship.
-Project Runway! (oh the suspense!)
-Balderdash, and maybe some Apples to Apples too?
..etc, etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch.

...and now I'm off to Camelot for some good ol' mini-golf, go-kart racing and bumper boats! :)
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I think that I am drunk from too much Diet Coke and not enough (like, pretty much barely any) sleep. Tonight has been a bonding experience for the senior class. It was like an online slumber party where were distracted eachother from our work with complaints about how are teachers are fucking crazy.


I will be done in less than five hours! Third-trimester senior, here I come! :)
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-So my mother must think that I'm a morbid, depressed teenager who enjoys reliving and wallowing in my less than perfect high school years, because she just sent me a link to a scholarship essay titled "The Worst Day of my Life". The assignment is, you guessed it, to write about the worst day in your life. Um, thanks, mom? I'm glad you see my life as such an unhappy series of events with which you can decrease the cost of college! Haha. How weird.

-Other than that, today was good. The weather was beautiful (made me realize that if I get into Stanford or Pomona [pleasepleaseplease!!] that I will probably end up going, because I'd be crazy not to stay in California if given the option). I even took my shoes off (granted, they gave me blisters) and went driving with Kirin and Meredith and listened to rap; man, it really felt like summer. My "Perfection" piece was submitted to Aquila (not that big of a deal, but still quite nice) and I momentarily appeared as if I knew what we were doing in multivariable calculus.

-I have to squeeze enoough motivation out of me to last eight more days, one english paper, a history final, an econ test, a performance studies project and final, a mycology final, an english final and god knows what in multivariable. So far I've been putting everything off as much as possible, but I know that the end of this week/this weekend/next week are going to be crunch time. Agh.

-I've realized that I either go to the gym too often, or talk about college to often (probably a mixture of both), because it's gotten to the point where pretty much everyone at my gym is asking me where I'm headed next year (I wish I knew!). I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel as if I would be letting my favorite instructor down if this whole process didn't turn out sucessful (which I've been really stressing over lately, of course). After all, she has, on two occasions, told me that I have a "black girl booty" (which is very far from the truth, but still puts a smile on my face).

-We had to take our senior class picture today and line up in height order. Turns out I'm the SHORTEST PERSON IN THE SENIOR CLASS! I guess that's cool? I don't know. A little bit sad if you ask me, but also somewhat amusing.

...and once again my life can be summed up by schoolwork, senioritis, stress, college, working out, crazy parents and vertical shortcomings. Oh yeah, and the fact that Greg is kind of cute.
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weird face

Hair alert!

So, in the cliche, frustrated teenage girl manner of projecting an ambiguous desire for change onto my appearance, I have just cut off all of my hair. Well, not all of it, but a good chunk. I no longer have the Hermione Granger/Mermaid hair of twenty minutes ago. I kind of miss it (it will grow back though), but I've got a nice little flip going on, and a slight, fleeting sense of satisfaction to go along with it. Also, I feel a little more hip, which is really the most important thing of all.

Also, for my Vassar interview, I've got a person named Tova. That's a girl's name, right? The "a" implies femininity, but I've never met anyone named Tova, so I can't be sure! Any input?

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