jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

I'm fucking going to Maui today.

Dude, Soooo excited. The two weeks from the 20th to the 3rd will be quite awesome. On the 20th (last night) there was the show, the 21st (today) I'm leaving and the morning of the 3rd I come back, sleep all day, and then that night I go to L3. Good stuff if you ask me, even thuogh I am freaked out about crashing now. Hahaha, thanks Ryan.

Anyway, last night was fucking awesome. How much does it suck that that was the last time I will see Solemite in like 6 weeks? (wait, August 29 is 6 weeks, or 5 weeks away?) Anyway, I might start to have some serious withdrawls. (Haha, Ariel, you know what I"m talking about.) Anyway, it was great to see everyone last night, there were so many people there and it was awesome to talk to them all. All the bands were good too, Angry Amputees were a bit angry for me, and the guy made me sad, but I guess if your into that angry type music, than you could say that they were good. Haha, Bobby's story is my favorite story in the world. I don't know if its true or not (well why would he tell it if it wasn't?) but it still is my favorite story. Hehe.


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