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i shouldn't update so much.

remember those yogurts that had sprinkles in the lid that you used to eat when you were a kid? i haven't had one of those in ages. i kind of want one though, the idea of having yogurt and sprinkles in such an efficient packaging gets me juiced. although i think that they are trix, and i don't like trix because they are so mean to the rabbit in the commercials. one of these days one of his disguises will work.

i think i'm hitting the sack early tonight. i mean, i just made a post about yogurt and sprinkles and trix and poor advertising, so i must be pretty tired. it was kind of a boring night, pretty much all of my friends just dissapeared or were studying. i did get to go to coffee with ben, which was fun! he is such an awesome kid and has the best taste in music. ever. i was about to go to luke's to watch a movie or something, but i'm too tired to drive all the way back out to berkeley. maybe tomorrow (especially if yogurt sprinkle lids can somehow be incorporated). jesus, these kids need to get their licenses.

oh i also did 30 practice history mc's tonight! i probably had time to take a whole mock test, but wasting time is more fun.

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