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when we rise it's like strawberry fields.

Posted on 2005.04.29 at 19:01
Mood: boredbored
Music: bush-glycerine
my parents have more of a social life than i do. (my dad is actually a downright player). joy. i want to get out and do something tonight (probably won't happen. well, maybe something, but nothing interesting) before the inevitable weekend of pain and studying sets in. as of now, i'm not very stressed, but i have complete faith that things will change.

my crazy grandma is in town! she is actually adorable, but crazy nonetheless. my mom will probably be like her when she gets old, but a little less new york and a little more berkeley. i'd like to hope a little less crazy as well, but we'll see. it was so cute today though, i come home and they were in the back yard putting up all of these colorful random string lights for my mom's party. (little suns, stars, peppers). my grandma was making a fuss about how my mom doubted her "dexterity". then they made me look around the house at all they had put up and expected me to share their adamant enthusiasm (which i tried to fake).

yikes i am painfully bored. i fucking love this song though. sarah mentioned it in her livejournal and i had to listen to it, multiple times. i'm alternating between acoustic and regular, trying to figure out which i like better.

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