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this morning i was murdered by my history test.
r.i.p. little one.

but then all of my other classes decided that they would be a study hall (purewal's not here, since we just had our play in drama we are taking a day off) so i get to come home! ugh, i should study for this bio thing. i can't believe we are expected to learn six chapters of bio in two days. that's rediculous. these teachers stress out so much about what their classes' ap scores will be that they overwhelm us at the last minute (e.g. a history test on the entire 20th century today, even though we've only really gotten up to the forties in class). it's driving me insane. they all think that their classes and the ap tests are the most important thing on earth, and that nothing else is going on. just because biology or history may be their lives doesn't mean it should be ours.

a week and a half until partial freedom!

driving home from school i went through the hills. the view was perfect. if i were a patient person, i would have pulled over to the shoulder to enjoy it, but i don't really do that. i just look out over the ocean as i drive on a narrow cliff. yeah, i'm a safe driver.

i think i shall catch up on my sleep.

edit: as of right now (2:24pm) i have yet to begin bio. i realized i had "the notebook" and, being a girl, i had to watch it. of course i skipped through the old people parts so i only watched the young pretty people fall in love and be cheesy and whatnot. what a fabulous/horrible movie.

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