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is it the weekend yet?

crying in the bathroom is no way to spend first period. and of course going to class in a mood like i was in this morning was not an option. i'm not sure why is was in such a bad state, probably just hormones, lack of sleep or too much bright eyes. so i bitched out ms bogus (she followed me out of the library, yelling at how disrespectful it was to walk through on a cell phone. i told her that i really didn't care and that the whole walking through the library thing was the most rediculous rule ever. i think she was a bit insulted). then kit and i went for a drive (which included diet coke, some good music, and some catchy christian rock [there was acutally one song by relient k which i really, really liked. i thought that the guys was singing about a girl, but a closer listen to the lyrics revealed that he was infact talking about god and redemption. haha.]). we somehow ended up in castro valley. it was an adventure.

i have a headache now and i have to study for bio. we are supposed to use the online book to watch the diagrams and do the activities. i must say, learning about the reproductive system is mighty entertaining with the little interactive, animated models. i'm not immature at all....

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