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quote of the day, by lindsay: "we're special, we've been institutionalized". hahah.

i can't tell if i've just been really impatient today or if the world is just moving a bit slower because everyone around me (myself excluded) has been stoned. it also could be due to the massive amounts of caffeine i have consumed. it's made me shaky and strung out. more so than usual.

in other news i strongly, strongly dislike the girl i tutor at lsmp. never has such a small object (she's literally like three feet tall, but kind of a butterball) caused me so much rage and anxiety. i would insert some joke in here about how i am compelled towards violence, but i don't think it's appropriate because she's told me stories about abuse in her family. i actually don't know what to do when she tells me those things. it makes me uncomfortable and concerned. but then she starts being a brat and i am once again filled with angry thoughts. non-violent angry thoughts of course.
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