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random thoughts.

i went to school for a while. it was a waste of time, as usual. i really need to start taking attendance more seriously though. it will screw me over sooner or later. i just can't get myself to care that much. i feel like i've been getting away with too much lately yet somehow pulling everything off. i'm just so rediculously bored and somewhat dissatisfied that everything seems like a waste of time. or it just seems stupid.

also,it's just so hard knowing that the only thing that really stands between me and summer is ap's, which will be over in less than three weeks (also kind of a stressful thought). after that the only full time classes i will have will be drama and english, neither of which are real. the rest of my classes will be so much more laid back. that will make it even harder to go to school. man, i'm so juiced for summer.

in other news the new pope is really ugly. i'm glad i'm jewish (despite the fact that, according to christine, god hates me for it. oh, how i love the un-pc humor that my friends have taken on lately.)

i'm in one of those moods where i'm somewhat amused my everything. i don't feel like taking anything too seriously right now, it's a good feeling.

i need a prom date. yeah, i'm cool.

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