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i'm pretty chill.

i went for a run around lake merritt this afternoon. reminded me of those times i would sneak out freshmen year and go for runs even though i wasn't supposed to exercise. or back in the day when the whole family would go for walks around it. then i was attacked by a goose. they are fucking vicious.

i feel like it's summer. that is not necessarily a good feeling because i have shitloads of homework that i haven't even begun and i can't get in the mode to do it.

i'm having a pretty cool conversation with genny right now. and kirin and i have decided that prom may be better spent with froyo, movies and a lot of extra cash from the money we'll save on tickets and outfits. we might crash some after parties though. being the rockstars that we are and everything.

edit. a lyric to this song is: "and you will do a dance that was coreographed at the dawn of time". i wonder what the would look like? did adam and eve get hyphy?

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