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Posted on 2005.04.13 at 09:14
Mood: boredbored
Music: manfred mann-blinded by the light.
hello. my name is jessie and i am on spring break and i am super bored.

Does all bottled water taste the same to you? i'm sure if i compared the directly (like integrals, yo) i could discern some differences, but i'm not high maintenence enough to drink a bottle of crystal geiser and spit it out because it's not up to par with the crisp, nothingness taste of evian.

Do you wear shoes when you hang around the house or do you barefoot it? barefoot definitely. sometimes socks.

If money were no object, where would you go out to eat tonight? not sure. i'm not a big fan of fancy restaurants so money wouldn't really make a difference.

List all the things on your bathroom counter without looking: my toothbrush, cassi's toothbrush, face wash, washcloth, toothpaste, a brush, probably a bunch of other junk.

Turn around and look behind you, what do you see? my blue comfy chair covered in clothes, my dresser, my closet, suitcase-um..my room. no backpack though.

What's worse, a booger hanging out of your nose or a piece of spinach in your teeth? a piece of spinach in your teeth because it's harder to get out. a booger is easy to wipe off and then throw it at the person who pointed it out to you, just as revenge for the embarassment.

If you could invent a new flavor of soda what would it be? aren't there enough soda flavors? i'm content with the current selection, thanks.

What's the first section you usually go to when you go to Walmart? i don't go to walmart.

When is the last time you had a haircut? a month and a half ago.

What kind of shampoo is in your shower right now? herbal essences.

How fast can you type on the keyboard? pretty darn fast when i want to.

What time is it? 9:21 AM

What time do you wish it was? some time after my appointment with cohen.

Did you get enough sleep last night? i got about 6 hours, which is a lot for me but still a bit short of the reccomended amount.

What's the worst fashion trend going on right now in your opinion? those maternity shirt thingies. or toe rings because i can't wear those. i'm not sure if either of those are like "hot" fashion trends though.

Who is your favorite family member? the twin.

If there were no exotic species laws, what kind of pet would you get? a howler monkey. she could wake me up every morning with her howl.

If applicable, what kind of video games do you play? DOUBLE-O-SEVEN, mario kart, mario party. okay, now i hell of want to play.

Are jigsaw puzzles annoying or delightful to you? they're okay. not something i would choose to do in my spare time but they aren't annoying either.

What's your GPA? above a 4, but i'm not sure exactly. that's a silly question.

What do you wish it was? five million and one.

Can you lick your elbow? almost, kind of.

Can you put your leg behind your head? almost. seriously, i'm so close!

Do you crack your knuckles? no!!!

Favorite brand of chapstick: umm. that's a silly question. whichever tests best and makes my lips the softest, i guess.

Least favorite food: horse radish.

Bubble baths or showers? showers. they are more practical.

Do you have to wear deoderant? no one has to. but for my sake and yours, i do and you should too.

How do you get the little fuzzies off your sweaters? tape? i don't know i don't get many fuzzies, don't have many sweaters, and when i do get fuzzies on my sweaters i don't do much about it.

Are you allergic to anything? dairy (kind of, not really. it just upsets my stomach), pollin.

Are you an upfront person? as in confrontational and open? not really.

What kind of gum is your favorite? orbit wintermint.


ex_mirages347 at 2005-04-13 19:58 (UTC) (Link)
evian does taste really different, but i like them all except arrowhead. ew.
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