jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

okay. i am officially the stupidest person when half asleep. let me tell you a little story.

so last night it's about 1:30 (eastern time) and my phone rings. i was tired so i didn't look at the incoming number so i just picked up and said hello. i heard a guy's voice on the other end so i just assumed it was nick (you have to realize, i was barely conscious and incoherent so i wasn't really aware of the fact that the voice was a lot more nasally) so i took a key and went outside my hotel room and was just like "what's up". the guy is like "i had a really bad dream, but don't be mad at me" and he proceeds to tell me about this dream he had where he was on a plane and i was a stuartist in only my underwear? and he was like "and i really need your help because it was so lifelike i just really need to figure this out" so he proceeds to ask me about what kind of lingerie i have. at this point i was still not completely awake enough to realize that the voice was unfamiliar (although i think i remember asking a few times "what's up with your voice?"). i was just pretty pissed off and confused and asked if he was drunk. the guy just kept on going "come on, i just really need to figure this out, i know you'd do the same for me" and continues to ask me fucking creepy questions. at this point i was mad enough and confused enough to realize that this definitely wasn't anyone i knew, so i looked at the number and it was some 916 area code. i just asked "who the fuck is this" and they responded "come on babe, it's me" so i hung up, super duper freaked out. i was pretty creeped out so i couldn't fall asleep for the longest time.

okay, that's pretty fucking funny (but it was scary at the time). i really am not a bright one sometimes, although i blame it on being half asleep. mostly it was just fucking weird.

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