jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

vassar college.

visited vassar today. fucking loved it. the campus was beautiful, it's a good size (2,400 and no grad students. i'm definitely thinking some sort of small lac is for me), no core curriculum (fucking love that. so many of these schools have really overwhelming distribution requirements that sound like a headache to fill). it didn't seem quite as preppy as amherst or williams, which is kind of appealing (that's not to say i'm not extremely preppy myself-i mean, come on, i've gone to bentley since the age of six-but it seemed a little more artsy and eccentric than the white rich jock vibe i got from williams especially). it just seemed like a fun place. the only thing i can find wrong with is is the location (well it's distance from new york city is nice, but the fact that it's on this coast means real seasons [winter] which i'm not good at handling). but yeah, definitely loved it enough that i could consider getting over the weather if i had to.

visiting schools makes me wish i were going to college next year. i am so sick of high school it's a little bit rediculous. but that could just be because leaving isn't such a reality for me yet so i can only see the good aspects of it.

tomorrow i see wesleyan and brown (i've always secretly, sort of wanted to go there because it would be cool to attend a school with my same name). then i come home at like midnight. short trip but that's nice. i don't like being away for too long, especially over a break where i should be able to relax a bit. (although i do have an obscene amount of work this break. unfortunately it all was stolen.)

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