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Posted on 2005.04.10 at 07:30
my car has been burgled once again?! not cool. this time they took my backpack which was kind of silly of them because there is nothing of value in there unless they are looking for some crappy doodling and illegible biology notes. i, however, do need those notes and my homework assignments. i was planning on getting my massive amounts of work done on the plane to new york, but i guess that can't quite happen. fuck! i'm not a big fan of the world right now.


coldelizabeth1 at 2005-04-10 22:16 (UTC) (Link)
jessie! how the fuck does your shit keep getting stolen! where was your car even parked??? did they take your birthday wallet??
ex_mirages347 at 2005-04-11 16:36 (UTC) (Link)
the burglers are attacking you!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe you should hide your car somewhere.. or something. dumb dumbs why do they need a backpack?
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