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whaa? elections were today and i ran for treasurer (haha, kind of a fake executive office but whatever, i like student council). now there is a run off between me and henry symons? i don't like this one bit. his hair is too long and that is sketchy. therefore he cannot be trusted with our money.

nothing else exciting happened today. i've decided to start calling ms. d "woman". today she was telling us all of our homework and i completely unintentionally said "dayum woman!". the class got a kick out of it.

oh and this is for meredith. i'm soo sorry babe!! i'm going to find out who is behind this and fuck them up. no one makes my singing partner cry. no one. that is honestly such a fucking low thing to do, i don't get it one bit.

enough about my boring life.

p.s. what the fuck?

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