jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

a few brief random thoughts.

-i absolutely love the video for bright eyes' "the first day of my life". fucking adorable. cassi and i watch it whenever we are need to be cheered up, thanks to music on demand.

-i'm about to go to in 'n out with christine and alex. i'm juiced, it's been too long since i've hung out with either of those girls. it's kind of silly how i go on these in and out adventures, usually driving (which is my choice, i get bored if i'm not driving) and never get anything. except for d.c. of course. oh well, they're still fun.

-i went back to swimming yesterday. i missed it. becca was there, which is why i went. i'm glad she's back to swimming because the rest of the fun kids have left. she's crazy but i really do enjoy hanging out with her at practice.

-i want to go shopping this weekend. i do not want to do any work.

-i think i might go play frisbee tonight. i'm kind of excited. kind of scared. the last time i played frisbee i got hit in the head. you see, my head is about the level where most people through the frisbee, so it's really quite dangerous. but it sounds like this might be fun, especially because the frisbee glows in the dark or something. and if i do get hit in the head again at least i can say i've been hit by a glow in the dark frisbee, and that's kind of tight.

okay, in and out adventure time! go crazy.

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