jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

okay so that wasn't so bad. i actually feel fine now. a little out of it but suprisingly able to function pretty well. the most annoying thing is the fact that my mouth is completely numb so i can neither eat (i'm really hungry) nor talk. and i have gauze in my mouth to absorb the blood, and it keeps on falling out. this morning i accidentally had half of one of cassi's sour belts (i completely forgot that i wasn't supposed to eat) so they couldn't put me out all the way. they just sedated me so that i was numb but still had a slight sense of what was going on. it was pretty tight actually. incredibly trippy.

i hate being so numb but i guess it's probably better than the pain that i will experience later.

i'm not very tired. i think it's movie time. then maybe i'll do some homework if i feel up to it.

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