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Middle ofNowhere

Posted on 2002.07.11 at 16:59
Yeah, so I'm in Wyoming right now at an internet cafe with a crappy key-board, but as long as it feeds my internet addiction its okay. Ech, so tomorrow I'm really of to the Wilderness, hiking, biking, getting dirty, getting eaten by bugs and hopfully not encounering any bears. we went river rafting today which was actually pretty fun, but I would much rather be home. Haha, I'm so very boring,and it' so very hot here. I hope I get tan.(even thought it is bad for you (: Most likely I will just get burnt. Oh bum bumbum.



oscrew at 2002-07-11 16:25 (UTC) (Link)
when i was in costa rica i had to use a keyboard that didn't have the letters written on it...and latin keyboards are all messed up because they have different letters in their alphabet so whenever i tried to type anything by memory of where the keys were it would just be sdfiosdufsdln aeirsudiof asdjfds kdfs.
justlynx at 2002-07-11 18:51 (UTC) (Link)
where in wyoming are you?

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