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Posted on 2005.03.08 at 23:07
p.s. is it necessary to have a sixty pound model advertising shoes? it's not like she's going to be running in them. she'd break. ugh. magazines. why do i read them? (i guess reading isn't the appropriate verb here, seeing as what i do mostly consists of flipping through the pages dissing the models while secretly wishing that i looked like them).

i'm telling you, the only magazine worth while these days is seventeen because they have hilarious headlines like "they wouldn't let my on the cheerleading squad becase i'm jewish" or "help! my dad is a porn addict!"


ex_mirages347 at 2005-03-10 00:06 (UTC) (Link)
60 pounds is disgusting. i really hope no one is really sixty pounds. [except of course children of a reasonable size and age.]
jess_is_here at 2005-03-10 00:26 (UTC) (Link)
haha. if no one were sixty pounds there would be no children. that would be kind of sad.
ex_mirages347 at 2005-03-10 00:46 (UTC) (Link)
i included the children!
chocolate_horse at 2005-03-10 03:17 (UTC) (Link)
teen magazines suck... don't pay any attention to them!
Meredith Hays
fitchb1ytch at 2005-03-10 06:03 (UTC) (Link)
haha remember: I WAS HIT BY A TRAIN!!!
jess_is_here at 2005-03-10 06:11 (UTC) (Link)
haha there was one with a dramatic picture of some punk rock kid flipping off a camera and said "i had to go to therapy" like it was the worst thing that could ever happen to a person.

oh man i need to go out and buy some seventeen magazines to keep around to cheer me up.
mmmsar27 at 2005-03-12 04:27 (UTC) (Link)
hahahah you have to embrace those articles because they really are the best things written nowadays. uhhh remember when the two us were being made fun of for reading seventeen at mi casa? lol good times good times. ok, so i'm just gonna respond to a bunch of your posts at once since i haven't been reading your lj as religiously lately...

"i know i'm such a sap but sometimes i just want someone to care for me and cuddle with me and tell me i'm beautiful or amazing, even if it's a lie, even if i don't believe it. there are too many things on my mind and i want someone to listen. i want an experience in high school that doesn't have to do with hospitals, calories, long sleeves or therapists or ssri's or divorces. "
.....COME TO NEW YORK. We can cuddle and have sleepovers (and throw in some singing)

and i totally know what you mean about not caring lately. the past week i've lost all motivation to do well anymore. i'm burnt out from stressing and studying so much the first half the year. oye, i better get my motivation back soon because otherwise sarah's not going to college.

love you little one!

oh yea, i really like your new picture/icon/thingamabober
jess_is_here at 2005-03-12 06:37 (UTC) (Link)
child! so good to hear from you! i alraedy came to new york though. it's time for you to come to california. oh, and let's not forget the science experiments!

ugh, speaking of college and not caring i have the sat's tomorrow and i haven;t done a practice problem since like the summer time.
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