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ugh. i have college mail coming out of my ears, apppointments with my counselor, parents bothering me about visits, sats on saturday and a book of majors bigger than i am hidden somewhere among the mess of diet coke bottles in my car...

and i really just can't get myself to care as much as i feel like i should. i mean, i'm sure i'll have my ups and downs anywhere, and i'm really sick of stressing over it. i just hope anywhere is better than high school.

in other news i have a headache. i think the left side of by brain is about to fall off. that would be unfortunate. no college wants a girl with only half of a head.

i'm dreading the massive amounts of calculus i will have to do tomorrow night. turns out i also have a spanish essay?! joy. life rocks!!!1 (the one is added for extra excitement).
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