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Posted on 2002.06.13 at 09:30
Mood: dorkydorky
Music: The Aquabats-Lovers of Loving Love.
Yes, I got new pants. Haha, from kids abercrombie, hell yes. Eh, I have to use up my card there, and I didnt have to pay for the pants, so I'm pretty happy. I wonder if I will ever be able to fit into juniors. damn, I want to grow. I think I'm getting stronger though! Yay, this morning at swim practice I was keeping up with Andrew...in butterfly! But then again, he sucks at butterfly, but then again, so do I. Anyway, I want to grow!

I'm so happy I'm seeing Judy tonight. She is so awesome, I miss her. Shit, I got to check the paper for the movies. I also have to go wake up Cassi for her to go babysitting.


justlynx at 2002-06-13 12:51 (UTC) (Link)
wow, you sound just like me! trust me, you DON'T want to be fitting into junior sizes!!! it's cool cos you get to buy kid's clothing which is wayyy cheaper. and when your friends grow out of their old stuff, they can give it to you. and you get to be skinny, which is good, or atleast i think so.

i would trade places with you in a second... so be happy!!!

jess_is_here at 2002-06-13 13:46 (UTC) (Link)


Ok, I will be happy! :)

Its true that I get lots of hand-me-downs and I do spend a lot less money. Although, I usually talk my mom into paying for my pants anyway. Hehe.

nerdydrea at 2002-06-13 13:21 (UTC) (Link)
juniors clothing isn't that exciting.

--sometimes, i wish i could just fit into kids clothing again. like at oldnavy, they don't have a juniors section. they have womens clothes. and theyre all really--not me. but whatever. ha, yeah. kids clothes rock.

i want to be a kid again.

toysrus love,
jess_is_here at 2002-06-13 13:45 (UTC) (Link)


Yeah, but kids pants are all covered in rhinestones and glitter. Actually most junior clothing is too. I never really understood that, I mean, I know very few people who would actually wear pants with rhinestones all up and down the sides and that look like they have been dipped in a tub of glitter.

I like Toys R Us. Especially how they make the R backwards.

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