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Random thoughts...

Posted on 2002.06.12 at 19:58
I love Mel. I come home today and what do I find? A letter from her in the mail. She is way too cute. Damn, I have GOT to send people their stuff. Someday, I promise.

I have to pick up my pictures. I asked for them to be ready by yesterday. Well yesterday is gone, and so is today.

Eghuu, I really do not want to go to Bentley next year. It's so small and everyone there are kids I went to middle school with. Well, not all, but a lot. I mean, I dont have a problem with small schools, I would be intimidated by a large one, but Bentley is just TOO small. Plus, its so far away and I'm never going to get to swim. But I guess there are some good things about it. since it is so small it is easier to stand out. And plus, since Bentley is such a back-up school where all the kids who didn't get in to CPS or Lick or something go I will probably be one of the smartest kids there. Eh, but there is always Micheal Katz. Still that doesn't compensate, for god's sakes we dont have a gym! we have our dances in a tent!

Ooh, time for Dawson's Creek! Haha, WB corniness. Maybe Jack and that other guy will kiss.

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