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Posted on 2002.07.09 at 11:56
1.Your Name - jessie
2. do you drive- MarioKart
3.What will be your first daughters name- I don't know. I like a lot of names, but I will most definitely probably change my mind.
4. WHAT are you doing tomorrow?- traveling to the middle of nowhere.
5.What school or co-op do you attend?- Bentley...

6.what time do you wake up- usually 5:45, for swimming.
7.what time do you go to sleep-like 10. Haha, sooo early.
8.what time do you finish school- don't know. last year it was 3:30...I think 3 or something this year.
9.what is your dads middle name- Harris
10.what is your best friends favorite color- ummmmm...
11. Do you have any pets - an evil cat
12. Do you have more than 8 friends- Yeah.
13. What are your goals in life?- just let me make it though high school first.
14. What do you want to be known for when you die- A lot of things.
15. What do you want to accomplish before God comes- When is God coming?
16. Is cheerleading a sport- I think that it can be.
17. whats your favorite holiday? MY birthday.
18. whats your favorite season? summer.
19. whats your favorite number? 73
21. whats your favorite television show? Sienfeld. Even though it doesn't technically exist.
22.who is your favorite person? ummmm....I don't know.
23.whos your favorite actress? Audrey Hepburn.
24.is there anyone that you wish you would have gotten a chance to meet b-4 they died- many.
25.if there is then who?- my great grandparents.

okie dokie...
26. did you ever at anytime watch barney at the age you are now-wait, this is a confusing question.
27. have you ever toilet papered anyones house if you have then who's- no. That's mean.
28. Whats the most stupidest thing you have ever done?- I don't understand.
29. what color is your hair- brown.
30. what color are your eyes- brown.
31. what color is your bedroom- baby blue!
32. what color is your carpet- i am allergic to dust therefore cannot have a carpet in my room. doctor's orders.
33. Are yo sick of this survey - if i had anything even remotley close to better to do....
34. what is the best thing that has ever happened to you-I don't know. Nothing extremely exciting or life altering ever happens around here.
35. what is the worst thing that has ever happened to you- once again...i don't know.
36. what things do you regret- stupid mistakes.
37. who do you wish to meet one day- many interesting people.
38. whats your favorite band- I have many.
39. who do you look up to- Most people. Because they are all taller than me. Haha ( I also stole it.)
40. who is your role model- you
41. does your tv have cable- it has basic cable.

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