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it's been awhile. this is due to the fact that i got a little to addicted to eljay for a bit, leading to some unbearably boring entries. i was just looking back at my "recent" page and felt sorry for all you people.

i have been a slacker lately. i'm not kidding. and this isn't even a slacker by my standards. this is a slacker by normal people's standards. maybe i'm finally burning out. it happens every year around this time, although usually i direct my exhaustion and dissatisfaction to other areas, manifesting them in slightly more self-destructive ways. maybe this year i will just get tired like a normal person and gracefully resign to a state of torpor. fuck. i can't do that. i need to focus.

i blame it on nick. he's probably more distracting than i should let him be, and if i were smart i would just stop right now. but hey, i like the kid, and maybe the whole loosening up thing is something i should try anyway. (no joking!)
okay that's enough writing about someone who reads my livejournal. it's just weird.

i need to find a way to sneak past my dad to go get a diet coke. he does not approve of caffeine so late at night, but i definitely need it if i want feel at least somewhat accomplished.

enough for now.

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