jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

this week has been spent losing precious sleeptime and homework time. which isn't necessarily my fault. i say the person who keeps on calling me is to blame. :) haha, i should lighten up. but i never will.
it will just bite me in the ass this weekend/toward the end of the trimester/etc/sooner or later. dammit, i am stressing.
oh well. i've enjoyed wasting time.

in other news...well there isn't much. tutoring has been good, swimming has been cold, school has been overwhelming. the o.c. and project runway have been fabulous.

i have a debate tournement this weekend. i need to find a way to fit this all in and not be dramatic about it. eh, it will be fun though. the whole gang is going (priya, sarah, alex, maya, lisa, lauren, christina) so it will be a party. i'm going to try to crack down and do work in between roounds, but we will see how well that goes.

okay, that was a bad update because i basically realized how screwed i am. i just need to chill or focus or something.

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