jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

i was "productive" today. meaning i accomplished what my schedule said i would. plus reading some spanish. aw, but the time came for dinner and christmukkah presents and as the material fortunes came in my work ethic died. oh well, here is what i've gotten so far!
-a cute little oriental looking purse!
-2 sets of really pretty earrings
-2 hats, 2 scarves (one set gap, one set banana and cashmere!)
-bob dylan greatest hits, almann bros, dispatch, beach boys, arrested development and yoga dvds.
-a pink nalgene bottle with a flower!
--50 dollar check
-peets mug
-50 dollar gift certificate to a step forward!
-a magnet from lisa
-slippers and doodads from kirin
-starbucks card (its been used up thuogh) from sarah
-candy etc. basically the only presents i have left are from east coast relatives and slacker friends (haha, look who's talking. my friends won't get their presents until january!).

okay..other ways i have wasted my time these past few days:

-i wrote a story. actually, i wouldn't so much call it a story as a train of thought. it's only 1000 words, but aquila likes that short stuff so i think i will submit it.
-found things i want to do next summer. definitely some sort of residential writing program. research is not for me.
-swim, workout, eat, go out with friends, a lot of shopping!!!
-reading middlesex (again!)
-and tonight going over to rachel's for a "project runway" marathon!

this was scatterminded and fast paced because i need to pack before "pr"!

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