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Posted on 2004.12.22 at 13:37
wow...what a waste of the past two days. i have gotten NO HOMEWORK done. i will regret this a week and a half from now, 10:30 pm on Sunday night when i realize I still have five classes that i need to do work for.

no..that won't happen. schedule time:
W12/22-bio essay, i'm feeling it.
Th12/23-do history mc on plane
F12/24-continue with history mc
Sa12/25-we don't do homework on jesus's day. (hey now, jesus was a jew!)
Su12/26-AVENUE Q, read spanish
M12/27-read beloved
Tu12/28-plane ride back will be for history mc and if i'm done with that i will start to catch up on math.
W12/29-math practice test, finish catching up on math
Th12/30-read miss julie
F12/31-do english collage, catch up on whatever i've slacked on.
Sa1/1/05!-english ec, maybe some history ec.
Su1/2-catch up on whatever i haven't done. read middlesex, etc.

okay, make me stick to this guys! if i follow this schedule it shouldn't be that bad. it only breaks down to a few hours of work max each day! the only problem is i have been procrastinating like i don't even know lately. i've devised new ways of wasting time, or so it seems. i've re-read 200 pages of middlesex since last night. in this time i probably could have conquered two subjects, but no! yikes, i'm stressing.

i was gong to write more but now i feel compelled to go work. bye!


chocolate_horse at 2004-12-23 01:17 (UTC) (Link)
poor you. i think it's totally unfair that we have homework over break.
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