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december fourteenth, 2004. by jessie brown

okay, i don't want to memorize lines for hedda (i don't know how to memorize lines! i've never acted before) or finish up my mc (which i hope i will get an extension on for debate, but i'm not sure weather to risk it) so here i am again. oh yes, there was a time where i would go months without clicking that little update button on my screen but now it has become a daily thing. an addiction once again.

why i feel complelled to introduce my entries i do not know.

today was a good day. swimming actually wasn't great, because i learned i have to go first for the relay next monday, meaning i don't get that exhilirating feeling that only comes from jumping off the block with a relay start after just cheering on your teammate, but whatever, i'll survive. i had double free period first so i came home and slept until about 10, something i definitely needed. history was uneventful as usual, and english was sad because we had to recount gatsby's death and discuss all of the depressing revelations that his character represented. when i finished that book last night i was so upset i had to go back to the first chapter and read it again, just so that everything could be okay once more! oh man, i am such a nerd but whatever. i think that has been a long established fact.

i went to book club at lunch despite the fact that i am barely even into the book that we discussed (and i probably won't finish it).but whatever, seeing people get excited or just discuss books is fun, and doing it while eating free noah's bagels is even better. next book is middlesex and i can't wait! i'm definitely going to read it again!

double math was amusing today with oran's injury (not that the fact that he was hurt was at all amusing, but the jokes that came out of it certainly were) and mr. jordan's presence (we were all waiting for a jordan-purewal joke-off but were dissapointed). of course that was all cancelled out by the fact that we learned are really easy concept but spent about half an hour explaining it to one person who didn't get it (sorry, that is bitchy of me) and then started doing parametric equations. boo...i've never liked those and harder versions of them don't seem promising.

tutoring actually didn't go overtime today. going back to little bentley is still so strange. back to the bathrooms in which we hid so many times while cutting chisari spanish, climbed over the stall's and saw obscene body parts of the opposite sex for the first time (haha). i always go back there with some strange hope that mrs. hogland or peter or mother theresa will be gone, will have found a job better than yelling at kids for eating off the woodchips, handing out plastic gloves for garbage duty or choosing which child is the most deserving of the biggest pickle for childcare snack. but no. they are still there. peter'still standing alone on the grass with his pink shirt and stubby arms stuffed in his pocket, mother theresa still sits the stair railing looking confused while muttering "eggg---scuuuss-mmeeee, no playing in the oval!" (today she took a break from that to give me a hug! oh god!),and mrs hogland hunting down little mischeif-making children whereever they can be found. oh man, memories.

enough reminiscing, now i really need to do homework. (i guess i also need a closing for my entries as well?)

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