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what the fuck?!?!?! i am sooo pissed right now! phillip just called me and said that adriana's mom was taking her out of tutoring because she didn't want a teenager tutoring her child. she wants an adult. ummm okay i realize that most of the people at lsmp are adults but that does not mean that they are any better at tutoring than i am or that my heart isn't in it just as much! i was always a responsbible tutor, conducted fun and productive sessions and i know that adriana liked me! i don't understand this! phillip was really pissed off too, and said that he fought for me but it really looks like there is nothing we can do. im most worried about adriana not having a tutor. i mean her parents don't even speak english and she really needs help sometimes, especially with reading. how are they going to help her if they don't understand the freaking language?! agh im so confused but i really dont think this is my fault or that i did anything wrong. this is just her demented mother's prejudices or what not. phillip says she is probably not disclosing something, but i don't know. i thought something had been going on because just a few weeks ago she told phillip that she didn't know if adriana could continue because her mom couldn't always take her to tutoring. then adriana just didn't show up for a while. maybe now this is really the truth? agh whatever.

so today i am starting with another girl. she is also in second grade and im excited to meet her. hopefully her mother will approve of me.

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