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Okay, I will update before I finish reading all of this LitMag stuff (I can't figure out if I'm too critical or if most of this stuff really is sub-par) and do my Calculus homework (I kind of like what we did today. Yesterday sucked though, and we had a quiz on it today which i bombed because all I could think about was the burdensome amount of pain i was in and how much it sucks to be a chick sometimes. now i know why people say guys are better at math, lol.) Oh and try to ease up on these parenthetical thoughts (oh I crack myself up).

I started my little tutoring gig today with Maya. It was great. For starters, I went to little Bentley...the setting of almost all of my childhood memories. I hid from Theresa and Ms Hogland, gave Mrs. Roach a hug and she told me that the high school was lucky to have my kean mind. All in all the sight of The Grass, The Woodchips, The Breezeway, The Oval, The Blacktop, The Balldeck, The Checkerboard, The New Territory and The Unamed Place Underneath the Stair by Mr. Schug's Room That They Always Wanted Us To Clean Up (which is still messy by the way) was quite a nostalgic experience!

Maya, the girl I will be tutoring three times a week is such a sweetie! I had a lot of fun with her. She is really badly dyslexic, and tried to explain to me how all the words get jumbled up in her head. She was quite excited over the fact that many good authors, her neighbor, her teacher's husband, and her very own hero Oprah Winfrey are dyslexic. She told me about how she was going to be a family doctor when she grew up, about how her mom worked in juvenile hall (that was a shocker!!!!), and about her fourteen year old brother who still enjoyed wearing Sponge-Bob Square Pants backpacks. Oh, I also tutored her of course. She seems like a bright girl, just somewhat unfocused and hindered and frustrated by her learning disability. She has a specialist who works with her on the dyslexia, but for homework I get to help her out and keep her motivated. I'm really excited to work with her.

This week is quite busy. Not only with the obvious, neverending school obligations, but also with all these non-academic related activities. Today I had to organize sophomore secret santas and execute a (very sucessful!) pizza day. tomorrow is the aquila meeting (I have to finish the packet!), and a stupid fucking bone density scan (with the pop...yucky. I'm about the consequences if the results aren't good. Then again, swimming isn't an impact sport so I don't see how it could do any harm or why weak bones would interfere with that.) Thursday I have tutoring again and then the whole weekend I have debate! woohoo. ooh and then lisa and i need to get on rehabilitating the spanish club and planning some event to revive enthusiasm (although i guess revive implies that there was interest to begin with).and of course there is always swimming every morning and saxaphone. much as i complain I don't know what i would do if i weren't so busy. probably sleep more and drink a hell of a lot less caffiene, but also be a lot more bored.

okay...time to go get some dc and jump on the rest of this homework! i've decided to do both sets of math tomorrow night and check over my mc tonight. adios.

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