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i hate mr pardo and the sats.

okay. today SUCKED. i am honeslty in such a bad mood over the stupidest things ever!
1. i had my sats this morning. they were going fine and dandy until i did the spaciest thing ever (not suprising if you know me!). I answered all of my questions from section three in the section four part of the answer sheet!! Of course, I didn't realize this until the proctor advised us to move on to section four and I saw that it had already been filled out! Horrified, I raised my hand and politely sayd "um, i think i just filled in section four and the answer sheet" and a bunch of mean looking skyline kids laughed at me. She just gave me a look of "stupid little white bitch" and asked "well what do you expect me to do about it?". Being the resourceful person that I am, I took half of the time alotted for the ACTUAL section four to erase all my answers (hopefully completely enough!), copy them down into the appropiate section and then quickly and carelessly blaze through section four. It was rather distressing, and just sort of set me off for the rest of the test. I am not going to get worked up about it because this is my first SAT, so it really was a learning experience anyway. Either way, it put a damper on my SAT fun. (oh, about the rest of the test. The math was spiffy. The i'm never very good at that sort of thing!).

2. Got my report card. Everything was fine and spiffy except for Band! What the fuck! I got a B??! It's frustrating because that isn't even a real class, yet that stupid grade totally fucked with my gpa. was completely unwarranted because i got an A- for the trimester (i don't know how he calculated that because we didn't really do anything) and then a B- on the final. (okay, my final wasn't the best but i was so nervous, and a lot of that stuff is beyond my very beginning level and even though i practiced it i still couldn't get it perfect!). So if we calculate 80% A- (let's call that a 92) and 20% B- (an 82) that should be a 90! Still an A-. Even if he had chosen to call an A- a 90 and a B- an 80, i still should have gotten at LEAST a B+ in that class (still would have pissed me off a little but at least i could somewhat understand where it came from). So that has been mighty distressing. I am going to have to discuss this with Mr. Pardo and see what kind of vengeful tricks he has up his sleeve just because i'm not in his class this trimester. Aghh.. i am SO pissed about that!

oooh, but something exciting that happened today! the lady who i am going to be working for called me back and told me that she couldn't answer her phone when i had called her because he astronaut brother had called her from OUTER SPACE and she was talking to him! OMG I ALMOST DIED HOW TIGHT IS THAT??!?

i got no homework done today. tomorrow shall be busy.

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