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yo yo. i am so tired i feel like i am going to collapse! i finished my history terms, although i will probaby look over them one more time before i call it a night and curl up in bed to read hedda gabbler. i've decided not to finish my bio outline tonight, i'm just too exhausted. maybe i will have to just steal cass's dp (yes, it may just come to that!) and actually get that done, but that isn't looking promising at the moment.

mista jay wants me to help lisa and maya with debate. it kind of made me feel special because he told me that he was passing the responsibility of dave and molly onto me, and means that he actually thinks that i am good enough to be of some help. the only problem is lisa seemed really mad at me today when i came to watch her debate, and i don't want to come off as patronizing. oh yes this is the drama in my life.

hmmm...let's see..swimming, despite how cold it is, has been good lately. although i've been bordering on sick for the past week so i haven't been feeling 100 percent. alex had her yale interview today which was exciting for the whole team because we all live vicariously through her and her perfection. i start this tutoring thing next week. three times a week on top of my current tutoring thing. i guess i'm kind of excited. i really do enjoy it and find it very rewarding i just don't see how i am going to have time. all of my afternoons will be filled up, meaning that i will have to extra strict on getting my ass out of bed in the mornings because i won't be able to go to afternoon practices. oof.

oh ps i hate this weather. the frost on the field this morning made me sad. jeez i am such a california girl!

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