jess (jess_is_here) wrote,
jess_is_here i don't really have time to update but i will do it anyway.

the new trimester started yesterday. this term will be better, mainly because i don't have band (a.k.a. the class where i have to sit next to kip for 4 hours every week), and have replaced it with beginning acting! i'm a little scared of this class because i have never acted before in my life, but excited also. it is the first class i have ever been in with people younger than me, so i feel somewhat powerful (except not really because they all act). anyway, it is going to be more work, but at least it is on different days than english so my english and drama reading will be dispersed.

i no longer have ms ting as an english teacher!! i will miss her, but i am excited about actually having meaningful discussions in class rather than just hearing about my teacher's cute children. i'm in lit of food, which is ironic because food is not my specialty. quite humourous if you think about it. i just hope it's not uncomfortable, but if it is i will just hide my red face in my super colorful notebook and take meticulous notes. yesterday she asked us to really think about and be aware food all the time (implying that we were to contemplate what it means in different contexts, but whatever)and i laughed at all the amatuers.

i really need to get on burning all of these cd's i have made for people. i finished one for cassi last night. she requested a mix of meloncholy and off beat (figuratively, of course) songs so i compiled a disc of all those types of songs that start out with disonant or polyphonic beats or talk about depressing subject matter with rather pleasant melodies by bands with strange names that don't have numbers in them. it's quite a good cd if i do say so. i've currently stolen it from her and it is playing in karamo.

okay so tonight i have to:
do set 31
finish reading chapter 10 (i have like 15 more pages)
finish reading act one of hedda gabbler (20 pages. i'll just do it before i got to bed).

tomorrow night i:
ch 10 mc
reading response for english
set 32
practice sax

thursday night:
study for ch10 vocab
some sort of bio hw
some sort of theater hw
some sort of spanish hw
practice sax

friday night:
sax lesson
expand my vocabulary for saturday sats
possibly see 'most massive woman wins' (?). i will have to see when others are seeing it.

okay i need to make myself swim every morning this week. i totally slacked off this morning and didn't go. it's just so tempting when i have double free first thing to sleep in.

sorry. you didn't need to read any of that it just helps to write it all down!

[ooh edit: 2 days diet coke free!! i actually had no caffeine AT ALL today. wow, i can't believe i'm still standing. oh, but i think i am become more and more addicted to barnes and noble. i've been there four times in the past week. i love my discount card!)

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