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don't know why i'm so afraid if you weren't real then i would make you up.

Posted on 2004.11.28 at 21:18
Mood: my stomach hurts
Music: joseph arthur-honey and the moon
wow...it's really just hit me how much i am going to have to do within the next three weeks. i guess it will be okay, seeing as i just have had a week off, and then get two weeks off, but honestly, there are only 24 hours in a day, at least 5 of them which i need to sleep. to keep my sane i just gotta write this all down, and i forget how to do lj cuts so just scroll.
-swimming. got a big meet the day school gets out. im on the relay team thuogh, so i am excited!!!
-tutoring 4 times a freaking week.
-saxaphone...i don't know when i will practice now that i dont have band.
-schedule ortho and dentist TOMORROW
-make cds and/or get presents for all my friends
-organize secret santas (oh man the combos this year are going to be fabulous!)
-debate tourney in 2 weeks
-get a jr meeting together to discuss retreats and privilidges
-homework, homework, homework.
-sats on saturday ?!?!?!!?!?!?!? im not even THAT nervous, just in shock that i am actually that old.
-probably do something to help with the dance on friday, which i kind of like anyway. (although lets just hope im not in charge of decorations again. kai's and my decor at the halloween dance was...lets just say artistic. although the spider web was fabulous, lauren!)
-spirit week next week! that means more shopping this weekend.
-somehow prevent my parents from seeing the credit card/cell phone bill for last month.
-oc every thursday
-finish reading aquila submissions

i guess it doesn't seem like that much when i write it down. but you have to keep in mind this is on top of having a bustling social life (haha) and being overwhelmed with mounds of school work everynight and weekend. oof.

so...thanksgiving. everytime i visit my relatives i gain a new respect for my father, because i realize he turned out pretty well in comparison. the constant insults, the high pitched screaming, the disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing-it's all a little too belligerent for me! luckily i was able to get out and see sarah (!!!yay!!!) and finding neverland (magical!). i'm glad to be home (although inviting over two weird men for dinner is no way to welcome me back, mother! thank god bosco was there.)

i wrote a poem yesterday just for the hell of it. it sucked, but i was proud considering i had never done that before. its amazing the things i do when i actually have time, and how it makes me realize that i wish i had more of it! i've really been wanting to write a story lately, or even to just write something. definitely over winter break.


Lauren White
rabidhorsey at 2004-11-29 07:11 (UTC) (Link)
jessie! first of all, i think you're insane for taking the SATs already. second, i know my spider web was fabulous. third, you know the dance is going to be in the gym right afer my (our) basketball game, so there probably won't be that much time for decorations anyways...fourth, i'll take your spot as junior rep, as i should be one :) fifth, i love you and you'll get through all this...just imagine how lovely break is going to be.
jess_is_here at 2004-11-29 13:57 (UTC) (Link)
yo lauren!
1)i just thought i would take advantage of the fact that we will be the only class ever to have the opportunity to take both the old and new sats, and i might as well see which test i can do better on! so there!
2)our spider web was the best thing that has ever happened to that spac
3)either way it doesnt affect me because i don't think they should ever let me decorate again. haha.
4)yo not my spot. but take meagan's spot..that is the one that is rightfully yours!
5)awww thankies! <3
Meredith Hays
fitchb1ytch at 2004-11-29 14:11 (UTC) (Link)
yay for bosco!

chocolate_horse at 2004-11-30 04:16 (UTC) (Link)
You seem so busy! Relax, Jessie. You don't need to do everything. Oh, and what is the story of the halloween dance decorations?
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