jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

oh boy another one


[Name] jessie
[Sex] Female
[School] bentley high school
[Sign] Pisces (but i wish i were a killer whale!)
[State] California here we come...
[Exact Location] the desk chair in my room of my mothers house in rockridge in oakland
[Current Date] November 22nd, 2004
[Current Time] 11:58am
[Clothes] Bentley Sweat Pants and a tank top
[Weather] sunny! yay!
[Hair Do] Down..but brushed for a change!
[Footwear] None
[Mood] Bored and fiending for some d.c.
[Talking To] no one :(
[Sounds] Ace of BASE

[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y]

[Cups On Desk] Two
[Pets]i cat leopard, and then i guess bosco counts as one of my pets also.
[Siblings] 2
[Crushes] not really.
[Cousins] first cousins? 8. i won't go into any further than that because i don't understand the whole "once removed business"/
[Aunts] 5
[Uncles] 5

[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y] [t][i][m][e][s] [p][e][r] [d][a] [y] [d][o] [y][o][u]

[Change Clothes] hmm...pjs to regular clothes, to a swim suit, to regular clothes, to sweat pants (someitmes another change into workout clothes or a swim suit is in there). so that wuold be 4 or 5 times.
[Shower] Once
[Brush Your Teeth] twice: morning and night
[Wash Your Face] morning and night
[Brush Your Hair] once if im lucky. lol...i just put it up.
[Eat] like 10. haha.
[Say the Word "ok"] A lot..
[Yell at Your Siblings] i verbally abuse cassi every chance i get.
[Slam Doors] only when i am really upset.


[Nicest] christine, kit
[Coldest] ummmm
[Smartest] elizabeth, christine and alex
[Tallest] meredith
[Shortest] priya
[Most Fashionable] meredith
[Smells Best] hmm..everyone
[Weirdest Conversations] kit, kirin, christine, alex
[Deepest Conversations] probably kit, kirin and christine.
[Stupidest Conversations] everyone!!! teehee.
[Best Liar] cassi and kirin
[Hottest] everyone is hot.
[Funniest] kirin and priya
[Sluttiest] alex!!! (haha!).
[Most Annoying] i dont want to be mean
[Most Organized] Christine and Kirin
[Least Organized] Lisa and Ish
[Always Late] Lisa
[Always On Time] Most of them

[h][a][b][i][t][s] [(do you)]

[Procrastinate] Too much!!
[Stress] Too much!!
[Take out your issues on others] espeically when i am drunk!!!
[Flirt Too Much] No..
[Have an Eating Disorder] used to, kind of still do.
[Tend to Judge People] Never!!!!
[Drink] sometimes
[Smoke] sometimes
[Any Other Habits?] obsess over things, drive poorly.

[for a million bucks ] [(would you)]

[Name Your Kid Dammit] Yes!! "Come here Dammit", "Oh Dammit, I am so proud of you"
[Strip For Your Classmates] Dude it's a million bucks
[Shave Your head] yeah i could just buy a super nice wig
[Wax Off Your Eyebrows] is a million dollars! i would pay people not to make fun of me.
[Wax An Old man's Back] yeah but it would be gross.
[Sit In a Cage With 4 Hungry Wolves]if there were a guarentee that i wouldn't get hurt
[Eat A Snake] if it were dead
[Make Out With one of Your Best Friends Boyfriend] yeah.
[Swim With The Jelly Fish] if they didn't sting me
[Make Out With Your Teacher] yeah. gross but it is a million dollars.
[Strip At a School Pep Assembly] woohoo...come and get me!!!
[Stand up In Class And Give your Teacher the Finger] haha yes.

[a][l][m][o][s][t] [o][v][e][r]
[Why Did You Take This Survey] Because I was bored.
[What's The Time Now] 12:14pm
[What Are You Doing After This] getting diet coke.
[Bye!] goodbye
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