jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

yay!! finals are OVER and i have a NO HOMEWORK WEEK OFF OF SCHOOL! (well, except i have history m.c. and i have to study for sats on dec. 4, but other than that i am free!)
okay...brief recap of finals:
English: my first essay was pretty good i think. the second essay i didn't understand the question so i used a bunch of big words and social criticism, so i am hoping for the best.
AP Bio: okay, being the unorganized good that i am i didn't have my old tests, which mr corso, being the lazy goof that he is took all of our questions from. So yes, i am hoping for the best, because i am really not doing too hot in that class.
AP US: my DBQ was pretty good, but i don't know how it will fare against mista jay's insane standards. second essay sucked. thrid essay was pretty good, but not great.
AP Spanish Lang: i have never had that hard of a spanish test in my life!!! yuck.
BC Calc: ditto. never ever had such a hard math test in my life. luckily everyone else thought it was hard as well, but it really was quite frustrating. the one test i can always count on to NOT be stressful and then it goes and kicks my ass.

okay. that is the extent to which i will discuss finals because it really hurts me to think about them. that is of course until my report card comes and i realize how much they hurt my already not so stellar grades this trimester. agh.

stuff to do this week:
-finally go jeepin!
-read a good book which i never have time for during school
-get rid of this cold!
-write something
-read all of this litmag shiat. so far i have not been impressed!
-see sarah when i come to la (???)
-have fun
-study for sats

that is all i can think of for now. i am sooo tired and i ahve to go grocery shopping.

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