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Best Conversation of the Day:
(context: cassi and i are on a super secret mission to get our diet colas [pepsi and coke, respectively. secret because we are addicted and feel guilty] and begin to discuss the large volume of such beverages that we consume each day)
Cassi: "i average about 80oz a day. oh my god that is like 50 pounds!"
Me: No it's not
C:yes it is. because 160oz is 100 pounds....oh wait....
we must have laughed for five minutes!! haha...maybe you had to be there. or maybe you just have to be a brown twin!

Best Rockout Moment(s) of the Day:
1)Listening to "Jumper" and singing at the top of our lungs while pretending to play the drums, guitar and simultaneously. oh man, that song reminds me of like 4th grade.
2)Kit's "African Water Drums: Journey into the Ambient Groove Phase" business. hahah, i have never heard such an awesome name for a song!

Part of the Day I would like to forget:
1)History M.C. Because this must be forgotten I will say no more
2)staying at school until 6pm doing math homework.

Randomest Part of the Day/Last Night:
Kramer (a.k.a. Caymen Islands Rugby boy?!?) calling me drunk off of his ass last night, and again today apologizing for anything he might have said lasst night (which he didn't need to do because he was sweet anyway). That was seriously the most random thing ever.

Biggest Mistake of the Day:
PROCRASTINATING on studying for finals. I have a bio final on Wednesday and I haven't even begun studying. Oh this is all bad, i don't know what i am going to do. I CANNOT wait until Friday at 11pm when I am done with this shit. for some reason i am defintely not as stressed out as i should be. or at least right now i am not. sometimes i get random bursts of stress (e.g. today around bio/lunchtime and last night when i got hives!)

Artist of the Week: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. They are so good! oh yes, and sarah has rekindled my love for artists of my middle school years such as 3rd eye blind, spin doctors and (who can forget!) LFO!
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