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okay, i really do not have time update, but i just cannot bring myself to do any work. i was planning on catching up on math homework but i was not there on monday or tuesday (3 periods of math) so i don't understand any of this! (and yesterday i said i could just read it from the book. oh my naive self. purewal just has a way of explaining complicated things so that they make sense i guess.) so now that i am done with/can't do all that i was planning on doing, i can't bring myself to do anything else! (e.g. study for bio!). i know i have to thuogh, because it is only 8:30 and i just downed a dc so i need to make some use of the early hour/my jitteriness. maybe i will research photosynthesis because i don't really understand it. for some reason looking things up online always seems more exciting than reading it out of a daunting text book.

today in swim practice we did ALL BREAKSTROKE and NO FREESTYLE. it was horrible. school was quite unexciting. once again came to the realization that i am much too competitive/jealous of a person and i just cannot be happy for other people. cassi and i analyzed this flaw to have taken root in our early childhoods. we always were compared against eachother and therefore now always feel the need to have someone else to compare ourselves to and try to compete with.

a good part of my day was sitting in bio when the three person spanish lit class came in and asked us how birds had sex. hanging out with kirin after school for a little bit was very much needed. we hadn't done that yet this week, so had to make that right!

oh kit and i are carpooling again tomorrow! i am excited!

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