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At times, Public Trans can be your friend....

I mean, it gets you places, right? And last night public transportation took Cassi and I to a little place called The Grange, in a little town called Danville where the kids are wierd and the law enforcement sucks. After many many hours of stressing and contemplating whether it would be worth it nad our chances of getting caught by our parents (because, like many times before, our parents were unaware that we were going to see Solemite) finally at about 5:30 we decided that we would give it a shot. Of course, my worrying did not come to an end throughout the whole night, but I did manage to calm it down enough to have a good time.

So, we told our parents we were going over to Ayesha's house but we were meeting her, Chelsea, Lauren(grr), Jessica F.(grr) and some other girls on Telegraph. (Yes, we are those annoying little girls who shop in big groups and look like idiots. Sorry if we have ever made you want to kick people like us.) and then going back to Ayesha's house to watch movies and hang out. (because, unlike us, Ayesha has digital cable and paper-view).

So, my mom dropped us off at Telegraph, and from there we walked to the Bart station on Shattuck and took Bart to Walnut Creek. Then, we were forced to return to our old friend the Cab-man, but just for a short 10-minute-ish ride to the Grange. We thought it started at 6:30, but turns out, once again the website was wrong and it started at 7 os we got there a little bit early but we hung out with Jessica (or met her, then hung out with her) and waited until other people came. 20 minutes or so later, Solemite showed up and we said hi and talked for a bit and ate the cookies that some girl who's name I still don't know made, and the brownies that Katie and Vicky made.

Probably one of the funnier things that happened that evening was at about 8-ish or something the police show up probably looking for alchohol and that kind of shit, you know just because there are some kids at the Grange who don't look like complete preps like the rest of Danville (not that there is anything wrong with looking preppy) and so the police thought that they must be doing shit. So anyway, I'm not quite sure of everything that happened, but some time during the police's visit Bobby put his foot on on of the police cars and some kid was taking pictures. WEll, I guess putting your foot on a police car is violating some type of major law in Danville, because the next thing you know they are arresting Bobby and telling him to get in the police car. At first I thought it was a joke but turns out the police in Danville really are assholes with nothing better to do than bust people for putting their foot on a car. Anyway, they didn't actually arrest him, but I still can't believe they made that big of a deal of it though. Call me crazy, but I always would have thought that just asking someone to please take their foot off of your car would be enough.

The police also made the show run half an hour late, which kind of sucked for us because the only time we could possible get a ride home would have to be earlier, and we would have to miss Solemite. Or, we could risk staying and finding a ride home with someone, but everyone was going to Kesington, and Oakland is kind of out of the way. We were talking to Ryan and told him that we might miss their set (because of the cops. everyone was really pissed at the cops that night.) he was like "Hm, well the van is full, but maybe Johnny can give you a ride. Where do you live?" We told him we lived in Oakland. He said it was a little bit out of the way, but he would see what he could do. So he went and asked John if he could drive us home and he said it was no problem . It was soo nice of them to do that and I was really happy that now we could stay and see Solemite.

Solemite's set was great. I still do not like the key-tar, it almost ruins the songs. But still, it was good. Genius played guitar during the Walls while Bob went out in the audience and sang. Good times. Anyway, this entry is wayy tooo long already, so I will stop. All in all it was a good night and I'm glad that I went.

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