jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

my slight shortage of sleep has really begun to catch up with me. i usually rely on caffiene (read: mainly diet coke) to remedy this, but today my d.c attacked me! i am not kidding in the least. i was drinking it, and everything was okay, until i noticed that the bubbles were a little more foamy than usual. (not carbonation foam, more like soap foam). so then, for some god-forsaken reason i squeezed my bottle, which it responded to by fizzing over the top and all over my car! finally when the fizzing died down there was still some oddly textured foam just chilling above the liquid. it eerily resembled a finger pointing straight at me. i threw it out as soon as i got home, and i don't ever want to think of such an incident ever again.

today was also not such a good day because:

1) I locked my keys in the car to accompany the flat i got a few days ago. (i honestly am so spacey sometimes. i don't know how it happens.) then i was so distracted i left my saxophone at school.
2) i had debate practice, which meant i missed my lunch.
3) it was raining, and i was cold and wet.
4) i got nothing done during study hall because i fell asleep, and then decided i needed coffee.
5) i really don't feel like doing my homework right now (note the fact that i am updating my journal so i can procrastinate).
6) i made the stupidest error on my calc quiz. boo.
7) sarah l. worries me sometimes, but even if what i think is going on really is going on (and i don't want to jump to conclusions here because that is all bad), i know there really is nothing i can do.

this weekend i will be in stockton debating! ooh fun. lauren and i are totally going to kick ass. as much time as these tournements take up, i'm kind of looking forward to it. it should be fun spending a weekend with sarah, alex and lauren. plus, i get to miss school on friday!

right now i am listening to/downloading emo music that reminds me of freshmen year and conceiving of new ways to avoid my history m.c.

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