jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

my updates are so infrequent that once i really do find the time and energy and motivation to write in here i really have nothing of importance to say. unless, that is, my update is twenty pages long. a few things you all should know:
-i got a new car! brand new 2004 honda civic lx, navy blue, very pretty. my only complaint is the acceleration (or lack thereof).
-spending WAY too much money
-i have come to terms with the fact that i am officially addicted to diet coke. the thought of the damage all of that carbonation is doing to my bones will never horrify me enough to keep me away from that sweet taste and caffiene buzz that d.c. gives me.
(A)school: i have so much work this year and i am not doing nearly as well in my classes as i have in previous years. i just am too distracted, and this is the worst time to get sidetracked.
(B) swimming-not really a HUGE source of anxiety until i am in the water, swimming next to alex lee (or i guess next is the wrong word, considering she is usually much farther ahead of me) and realizing how no matter how hard i try my small stature and miniscule hands and feet will never allow me to be as fast as she is.
(C) social business: getting into trouble for too much shittalking, feeling like people are sick of me, still feeling like there are somethings i can never tell anybody.
(D) lack of time in general
(E)liking but sucking at sax
(G) PSATs on Wednesday, for which i have not prepared.

so i guess thats what you could call my life right now. i've been debating some, tutoring, feeling futile on student council and reading corny teen novels about confused adolescents. (and by corny i mean absolutely fabulous). I think right now i will take advantage of the fact that i don't -really- have anymore homework that i was planning on doing tonight, and i will get a good seven hours of sleep before swimming.

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