jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

okay sarah little one, this one is for you! yes indeedy, you are the only reason i am updating/remembering about this thing.

so, even though it has been since june, there is no need for a real update, seeing as i have way too much homework. i will just give a very brief recap, and then try to be more regular about this all.

this summer has been: amazing for the most part. not quite what i planned, but definitely one that i will never forget. met so many awesome people, became closer with some of my friends, and had an overall good time. as cliche as it may sound i feel like i changed this summer-but then again i guess we are always changing? whatever i have been going through has been overall positive, although i think it may have led me to some conclusions about myself which i am not quite sure what to think of. but i guess that's what being a confused teenager is all about.

school has been: mixed. my classes are hard, and homework is overwhelming. it doesn't help that i have way too many distractions right now, although i guess that is good for my mood. this year is going to be a tough/busy/insane year:

-free (yes!)
-ap us history(hard)
-mythology (lots of work)
-ap spanish (i am bad at any language that doesn't include english)
-ap bio (ew, where is the math in this science?)
-jazz/rock (fun, but scary because i am not very good at sax)
-ap calc bc (easy so far)

other than the classes it has been good to see everyone everyday. i missed certain people over the summer! (cough:chistine:cough:lisa:cough). oh yes, and we are upperclassmen, although i still feel like a freshmen sometimes.

this weekend has been: dramatic, hot and fun. it's been awesome hanging out with everyone so much, although these types of things can always lead to minor conflicts/annoyances. friday was sarah's birthday, saturday was ice cream, homework and ben fallick's party (which ended up in an unfortunate hook-up and a trip to smokehouse! oh how i miss that place!), and yesterday was the amazing priya's dance performance (my god! what doesn't this girl do?), dinner and a 30 minute party. today homework, and kind of bad in an ironic yet upsetting sort of way, but i won't go into that here.

so much for that not being long! well, i suppose for a summary of the past three months it was not too bad. anyway, i miss you all, (e.g. all of you from CAL, all of you off at college, those of you who i just don't seen anymore, etc.) and perhaps you will here from my journal i sometime in the near future.

are you happy sarah! (you should be, seeing as you got two shoutouts in this little post of mine! love you and miss you!)
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