jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

ok. i will update. it's been many a day since i actally made a really update. so...i guess lately has been pretty eventful. now that i have my license, and my mom has loosened up, i've been hanging out with friends a lot more, and it's made me really happy. i finally, for the first time in a long time feel like i have actual real friends instead of just people who i like and hang out with but never really discuss anything of meaning. it's been good times. is almost over. i only have two finals, my spanish presentation, and my history paper (which is REALLY sucking by the way), so i'm not extremely stressed, for once. i can't wait for summer. i've decided i need to hang out with friends as much as possible, because i don't get a lot of time for that during the school year. i'm also going to play a lot of saxaphone, try to read more and possibly meet a guy? eh, i doubt it, but it would be nice. oh yes, and of course swimming and yoga (i must keep my chakras aligned).

i feel as if sometime soon i should do some end of year wrap-up/reflection. i know it's corny, but this year so many things have happened to me and i've been through so much. (again with the corny/cliche-ness. whatever)luckily, it has ended up much happier than my (equally eventful) freshmen year. so anyway, be ready for all that upcoming cheesy stuff. (i love how i prepare you [aka anyone who is reading this] for my future posts).
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