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Posted on 2004.03.31 at 18:11
wow...three days in a row?!? this may be a record.

anyway...so apparently the doc -did- spill ink all over our grades? i'm so confused, but i honestly don't even care. the whole thing is just silly, i just hope i get the grade i deserve and the grade that i would have recieved had none of this ever happened. hopefully they will take our self-assessments into account.

why do we have sooo much work this week? this history test is going to kick my ass, seeing as we have learned absolutely nothing this unit. i have barely started on my english, because i really have no creative way of challenging the metanarrative of gender. everything i come up with is too cliche.

i need to write about something besides school. um...well...i'm going to alissa skoller (aka little miss premadonna)'s bat mitzvah this weekend, and therefore missing all of the craziness that may or may not ensue at ayesha's house on friday. i hate bat mitzvah, i hate having to sit with a bunch of 7th graders at the party, and i strongly dislike southern california.

i've been in such a cynical mood lately towards certain people. i think it's just that i'm so sick of school and so many people there (not everyone though). at least i made it to the third quarter this year...but now i remember just how fed up one person can get with all of this bullshit. i'm so glad there are some people at school to keep my sane though, especially because my parents have only been making me crazier lately.


ex_mirages347 at 2004-04-01 21:37 (UTC) (Link)
well he photocopied them before.. and i have all the grades [i dont EVEN KNOW HOW I ENDED UP TAKING THEM HOME!] and i think priya has a copy too. but they basically arent all complied, they just have our grades on everything before [roughly] winter break. he hasnt graded or hadnt added the quizzes in the two weeks after that. i guess. he said to give them to mr livie, and everyone said that he wouldnt take them.. but i might take them to him anyhow... what do you think?

ahhh that history test is going to KILL ME.
jess_is_here at 2004-04-01 22:14 (UTC) (Link)
i don't see why mr livie wouldn't take them. the only reason might be that it is too late. i think he inputted our grades this morning. but giving them to him can't hurt. oh wait, except doing that would acknowledge the fact that we have been in touch with him, which i think is not supposed to be allowed. ay.,...such a complicated situation.
im so glad i have this weekend to study. (not like i'm going to have a whole lot of time...my crazy jewish family will make me mingle with them). unfortunatey now i have a chem test, a history test, a spanish quiz and an english paper all due on monday. agh.
ex_mirages347 at 2004-04-01 22:19 (UTC) (Link)
ahh that sucks im sorry.. i hate being away or with family on weekends because i never get anything done =/
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