jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

its a long one update? i think so. i'm going to try to update more often from now on...but i can't make any promises.

basically i think i have really bad spring fever and don't feel like doing any work. i had all day today to study for history and work on english, but i made very little progress. i can feel my motivation slowly wither away as my eagerness for summer takes over. i kind of wish i weren't going to the east coast for spring break, just because i want to stay here and do something social for a change, but i will be here a little bit. (of course during that time i will probably have to study for aps and write my speech....god im so sick of this work).

this weekend was really fun actually. friday my mom was out of town, so both cassi and i had some friends over. my crew and i went out to dinner (and saw ms. a and mr. corso together?!) and had a conversation for a while...mellow and nice. then i almost went to sleep because cassi's friends were really high and i didn't know what to do with them, but then they busted out the alcohol(ahh...i've been drinking too much lately! i need to focus!). i had a good time, all of cassi's friends are really cool and i hope i can hang out with them again sometime (i hope they liked me!). i smoked for the first time, and i swear it was the wierdest sensation EVER. especially because it somehow lasted until like the next day? wierd. i hope i don't become a pothead.

saturday i saw jersey girl (blech) and mallrats (yay!) with johanna, who was awesome to hang out with outside of midrasha. sunday my dad made me go to a freakin yoga class, and i swear it was the hardest thing ever! i could barely move today.

umm...can school please be over? the way i see it, after ap exams (which are in less than a month and a half!) i'll basically be done. the only classes i will really have to worry about are spanish, math and english, which are all my easiest. i just gotta survive these final weeks. ahh...i'm stressed out now.
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