jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

question for bentley people: were your ap classes weighted in your gpa's? it doesn't really seem like mine were, but i'm not sure.

okay, so i haven't updated for a while...or at least not REALLY updated. Minisemesters are O.K., i guess a nice change of pace from school. "me, myself and i" is fun. good people in it, and stuff that i find interesting.
unfortunately, the presidential eleciton one is SOOO boring, and i don't have many friends in it. i mean, i do like being informed about this sort of stuff, but three hours is way too long. and, unlike most minisemesters it might not be an easy A. that's not what minisemesters are for in my mind. (edited for the stupid people out there).

i think i'm becoming increasingly anti-social. i don't know if that's all me, or just because no one ever calls me, but i never really want to do anything anymore and always feel like i should be at home just getting some sort of work done. i hate it, but i feel like i have no one with which to do anything. maybe i'm just too inflexible.

yeah, so if anyone wants to do anything this weekend please let me know so i don't turn into a complete recluse. ehh...i'm such a complainer.
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