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Posted on 2004.01.04 at 19:17
name : Jessie
2. single or taken : single
3. sex : female
4. birthday : 02-24-1988
sign : pices
6. siblings : twin sister cassi
7. eye colour :brown
8. hair colour : brown

do u have any bf/gf : nope
do u have crush : unfortunately not..i'm just -that- boring
Fashion |
where is ur favorite place to shop? : crossroads...i you have enough patience to search through everything you can find some pretty cute cheap stuff
tattoos or piercings? : no tatoos, two piercings on each ear and a nose.

do u do drugs? : not really
what shampoo do u use? : herbal essences
what are u most scared of? : losing loved ones, cliffs, etc.
who is the last person that called you? : probably my mom
color : light pink and light blue
food : japanese or mexican
boys name :i dunno
girls names : i don't know either
subjects in school : anything but apchem
animals : pigs
sports : swimming
drink : water, smoothies, wine

you wish you could live somewhere else: sometimes
you think about suicide : I think everyone has at one point
you believe in online dating : i know people who it has worked for, but i would never do it.
others find you attractive : not sure.
do you want more piercings : not really..maybe a cartilage or navel
you drink : yeah
you do drugs : not really
you smoke : only the hookah occasionally
you like cleaning : sometimes.
you like roller coasters : yeah, except when my head gets knocked around.

Have you...
ever cried over a girl? : yes...in a friend way.
ever cried over a boy? : probably...although no particular instance comes to mind.
ever lied to someone? : yep
ever been arrested? : no

of times i have been in love : none
of times i have had my heart broken : zero
of hearts i have broken : one if you count nathan (haha)
of girls i have kissed : I kiss my friends, it's not a big deal
of boys i have kissed : i don't keep track but its probably not many.
of girls i've slept with : sexually, none
of boys i've slept with : none
of drugs taken illegaly : 1
of people i consider my enemies : zero

Do you think you are....
pretty : sometimes
funny : not usually
hot : eh
friendly : i try
ugly : at times
loveable : by some
caring : i try
sweet : when i want to be
dorky : being a dork is what i do best
geeky : yeah


miisschris at 2004-01-05 18:42 (UTC) (Link)
what minisemesters are you in?! i didnt see you AT ALL today.
jess_is_here at 2004-01-05 21:38 (UTC) (Link)
i know! it seems like im not with anybody. i'm in ms d's (the psychology of personal development...i think) and ms sorgers (advocacy and the presidential election)...ooh, you bet its lots of fun.
miisschris at 2004-01-06 20:32 (UTC) (Link)
i thought a lot of people wanted ms d's...?
haha, im in tolkien [you betcha! the funnest one there is..] and musical.
jess_is_here at 2004-01-06 21:25 (UTC) (Link)
yeah, i like ms d's, but ms sorgers is kind of boring. not horrible but three hours is a bit much.
lucky you get to have manatt even when we don't have to! haha.
miisschris at 2004-01-07 21:03 (UTC) (Link)
did you get your final from him?? he'll actually give them to you!
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