jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

i can't even express how happy i am that this week is over. i wish i had something better to do tonight than to just stay home and watch 'dude, where's my car', but lets face it: ashton kutcher and sean william scott are hotter than any of the guys i know. anyway, this was the WORST WEEK. i was just incredibly stressed to whole time, and we all know that when i get stressed i get vulnerable and bitchy. PLUS, i couldn't focus. i bombed my math test, and actually had to do test corrections! i don't think i've ever done test corrections before! the latter part of the week consisted of a history test ruling my life, a test that i don't even think i did that well on! i almost fainted today, i really don't know why, but it was really weird.

oh yeah...and of course my parents just make things worse.
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