jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

yuck...i don't even know when the last time was that i was this sick (with a virus sort of thing). I feel like such shit, and can't do anything except be a vegetable.

I can't sleep because my fever either makes me really really hot, and gives me chills. (at least its now down from 104 to 101..but i'm sure it will go up at night as usual.)

I can't swallow because my tonsils are incredibly swollen and infected.

I can't move very well because my muscles are so sore (especially my neck!).

I can't think because I'm so damn tired and have the worst headache ever.

Aggh...I'm definitely not going to be at school tomorrow and I don't even know about Friday. This means I'm fucked. I'm going to be SOOO far behind in everything, I'm going to miss my math test, and possibly even my history test (and what the hell is the deal with manatt's makeup exams?). Even if I am better on Friday for my history test, I will have missed three periods of lectures/notes, I won't have my essay questions, and I probably will not have studied because I am in NO state to do so at the moment. I tried a few times today but nothing even penetrated through my pulsing headache and over-all shitty feeling. jeez, you know when jessie can't focus on something that involves a grade, there has got to be something wrong. as you can see on top of my illness i've also managed to get myself QUITE stressed.

sorry for being so dramatic. on a brighter note, seeing as like the only i can do is lie down on the couch, i will definitely be watching 'the oc' tonight! i'm so gives me a reason not to die before 10 o'clock pm tonight.

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