jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

7 things you love
1) mah homies, and family of course
2) swimming
3) life, sometimes
4) saxophone
5) music
6) good books
7) bad tv

7 things you hate
1) not being in control of things
2) fake people
3) headaches
4) my height
5) drama
6) dr. appointments
7) boredom

7 things on your computer desk
1) my computer [hah, go figure!]
2) a glass of water
3) a box of tissues
4) my phone
5) computer speakers
6) blank cds
7) lots of books/papers

7 facts about you
1) im freakishly short
2) i am a twin
3) i like to swim
4) in eighth grade i was "most likely to study for a physical"
5) i love to have good conversations, even if i do seem quiet.
6) i'm a crybaby
7) i have webbed toes.

7 things you can do
1) swim
2) a cartwheel
3) shittalk
4) play sax
5) be thrown by meredith (hahah)
6) kiss my teachers asses
7) be a nerd

7 things you say the most
1) oh my god!
2) what the fuck?!
3) i'm sorry.
4) she/he/they/you/i will get over it.
5) i love you!
6) that's hilarious. (for some reason i say that whenever i think something is funny.)
7) shut up.

7 bands/artists you love.
1.) outkast
2.) maroon five
3.) jason mraz
4.) rolling stones
5.) the dandy warhols
6.) phantom planet
7.) the beatles

7 people you love
1) theres
2) no
3) way
4) i
5) can
6) chose
7) seven

7 random thoughts
1) i'm so bored
2) my stomach hurts
3) this week is going to suck (soo many tests)
4) i don't feel like doing any homework
5) why am i in such a bad mood?
6) can i get sports credit for swimming?
7) is it next weekend yet?

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