jess (jess_is_here) wrote,

can someone please tell me if it is normal to get a migraine everyday day for two weeks? and we're not just talking, "my head kind of hurts" type migraines, we're talking "my head kind of feels like its going to explode".

other than that there isn't much to report. i have barely any homework tonight and i could not be happier/ more bored. i think that all of this school work is slowly evolving from a major cause of stress into a way of life. things outside of school have been waay to stressful and dramatic, and all that makes me kind of feel cornered into just one shitty position.

HOWEVER, i am VERY excited about BLAKE'S this weekend.i feel like i haven't done anything but appointments and schoolwork for centuries (oh what a boring life i lead). i hope to see all of you girls there, but i'm sad that people like Nora, Esen, LaurenG, etc. won't be.

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